It's Autumn!


A new season begins today and for the first time ever I am glad to see summer end and autumn (I think that's a much more beautiful word than "fall") begin. For the past few months so much of my quilting energy has been devoted to the quilts for Sanctuary Village and the quilt drive for immigrants and refugees, I've not started anything new.

Well, that's over! In the past twenty years, I've made three quilts from the wonderful Gridlock pattern in Kaffe and Liza's first book, Glorious Color, and have felt as though I have at least one more in me. 

Not starting a new project hasn't prevented me from acquiring fabric. Oh, no. Far from it. I have a whole lot of read-solids and one FQ bundle of fabulous prints and that's what this Gridlock is going to be made from. The first block was created this very morning (see photo to the left)!

I'm also itching to get going on a new handwork project as soon as I finish binding the current batch of pot holders (Christmas is coming, folks, 94 days and yes, I am counting). I know what it is going to be: the Wensleydale quilt from Quilt Recipes. The templates have been acquired. I have a FQ bundle to get me going started and just need to pick up a few more to deter the matchy-matchy effect. 

Oh, autumn is going to be wonderful Near Philadelphia!


Janet O. said…
Two great new projects in the works.
Wensleydale--love that name. It always makes me think of Wallace and Gromit.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the new projects you have in mind and will enjoy watching your progress as each becomes a quilt!

I've been making small quilts since making the 70"x 90" donation quilt but am back to work on a Mystery Quilt that I changed a lot to suit myself and am starting borders for a long-waiting UFO Lone Star as well as blocks for a Storm at Sea using Deb Tuckers wizard Diamond Rects and Square Squared rulers.

Oh, and table runners for Christmas gifts. 94 days? Yikes!