Sanctuary Village: Project Complete!

Yesterday was a rewarding day! The quilts for the first twelve occupants of Sanctuary Village were blessed and given to the chair of that organization's board. She spoke for a few minutes, too, giving members of our congregation an opportunity to learn more about this most worthwhile project.

At the inception of my own project, I had foreseen completing a dozen quilts, one to be given to each of the first occupants of the tiny homes. People who learned about the project just had to get involved. I received help in the form of donated flimsies, money for backing and long arming, completed quilts, binding preparation, backing selection, binding assistance. In addition to the dozen quilts for Sanctuary Village, four donated complete quilts have already gone to Hope Gardens, a nearby transitional residence for families with school age children. Four more will be going to Stitch Central's annual collection of quilts to be given to refugees and immigrants.

I had hoped to have a kind of fashion show, where I string up a clothesline and photograph each quilt individually. Time and weather, being what they are, didn't permit that. But here are all of the SV quilts prior to the church service.



Barbara Anne said…
The quilts are beautiful and I so appreciate having the chance to donate a quilt top to Sanctuary Village. May the recipients of these quilts be warmed in body, mind, and spirit.

Don't you just love seeing your most excellent idea become a reality?!!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful quilts. Wonderful idea
FabricDiva54 said…
Amazing! What a wonderful way to show God's love. You should be proud of your accomplishments.