October Retreat

Five of us spent a few nights at our current favorite retreat location and, golly, did it feel good!

I had hand-pieced thirty-five Steam Punk blocks as part of my Survive-the-Pandemic-by-Handpiecing strategy, and I had enough creamy fabric left over from a back of something else to make alternate blocks; I thought this might help show off the SP blocks a little better. I didn't have enough for the triangles, however, and my retreat buddies were of the opinion that some sort of a very subtle print was the way to go with them. You prolly can't see very well, but we chose a very pale gray with pale gray speckle dots and I'm pleased with how it looks. Now that I think about it, seeing it all together, I'm of the opinion that a border might be in order. I think the would draw the eye back IN.

I had five Gridlock blocks made when I left home and once SP was out of the way, I concentrated on making more of them. I didn't expect to get finished all thirty blocks, but I certainly made progress and I have a specific plan for the remaining blocks.

Finally, I made a tote bag as a gift for a friend. 

We had a wonderful time.



Mrs. Goodneedle said…
What a great time of year to retreat; you made some wonderful memories and came home with some pretty nifty souvenirs of time well spent. Good for you!
Karla said…
As always, your hand work is impressive.
Quiltdivajulie said…
SP is impressive - yeah for you! But those Gridlock blocks really intrigue me … must investigate further. Glad your retreat was so satisfying.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the way the Steam Punk blocks are set and those pale gray triangles are perfect. Your hand-piecing skills are enviable!

Gridlock is very interesting, too. I look forward to seeing what you'll make to fill those empty spaces.

It is always wonderful to spend relaxing time with quilting friends!

The Gridlock quilt in one of Kaffe's early books was a favorite of mine and he has done other versions in later books. I've never made one although I always wanted to. Maybe I need to start another quilt right now.........
love your steampunk version....have to admit i didn't care for fabric choices of jen kingwell's so pattern didn't appeal to me...but your version does!
Janet O. said…
SP looks wonderful. I can barely detect the subtle grey on the triangles, and it is a nice effect.
Gridlock is a striking design. I really like it, and look forward to seeing more of it.
The tote you made is lovely. Who doesn't like a rainbow?
Sounds like you had a good experience retreating. I look forward to being able to do that again someday. It has been almost 2 years and I'm starting to get a twitch. LOL
Lori said…
Always good for the soul!
Mystic Quilter said…
Visiting you after read a post from Wanda, your Gridlock blocks are so beautiful I shall be watching to see more!
judith lockhart said…
I saw your blog from Wanda Hanson regarding your Gridlock quilt. Just may have to try and also the steampunk- have had pattern and templates for years!! Thanks for sharing!!
Loving your bright version of these 'gridlock' blocks!