One of These Things

"One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong."

Remember that old Sesame Street jingle?

When I started hand-piecing Wensleydale, the very first block turned out beautifully. I had fussy cut from a text fabric and picked lovely prints to surround it. And I set it aside to begin cutting more. Somewhere along the line, the theme of the quilt took a somewhat sinister turn and the nice block about being a dog person didn't seem to fit in. 

With 59 of the 60 required blocks up on the wall, I had a decision to make. Stick with the doggy block or replace it with something that went better with the others.

I decided I liked the block too much to discard it and I really didn't want to pick out the fabrics for a 61st block. So I fussy cut a new center, painstakingly removed the old one (bye bye doggy) and somehow managed to insert the new. And I think it is much better.



Barbara Anne said…
Being a dog person who never put the dog's name on any card except those going to our kids who loved the dog, too, I say good decision! Love the quirky centers and surrounding triangles in the other blocks!

I once took a lavender rectangle out of a pastel Log Cabin because it called too much attention to itself and was amazed at how easy it was to carefully unsew that rectangle and the machine sew a replacement into its place. Lo these 25 years later, I wish I hadn't chosen the border fabric I chose as it is just a bit darker than it should be. Oh, well.

It's snowing again tonight!

Janet O. said…
Your dark turn with the block centers had me chuckling. Poor, innocent doggy goes bye-bye. But what fun blocks to study!
Nann said…
You were quite *dextrous* with the overly *sinister" block. Good decision because it would have *dogged* you forever had you not changed it.