Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm a Winner -- YOU'RE a Winner!

Today is a Win-Win kind of a day. I'm a Winner and YOU'RE a Winner (perhaps). Well, I'm sure all of you readers are winners in one way or another. One of you, however, is the winner in my 700th post celebration give-away.

But first, friends, would you look at what I won? This terrific pattern! Kim was having a give-away on her blog of this terrific pattern that she'd designed. Do you ever visit Kim? Well, you should. She's a terrific writer, a non-complainer, a talented designer and appears to be a most engaging teacher, judging by the lesson plans she posts for the classes she holds at her LQS. This pattern was finished and she was ready to teach it, but the pattern lacked a name. So she asked for help from her readers. My name was one of those picked to win a pattern. I didn't submit the winning name, but I was among the finalists. So I won this pattern.

If you wander over to Kim's blog you'll see that it's a versatile design --presently she's making it again, this time out of Halloween fabrics with spiderweb fabric where the white is. Isn't that just adorable? And aren't I just lucky?

Okay, now for my own giveaway. Remember these lime and chocolate F8s that I picked up at Sauder's? That pretty many of you seemed to like? I like them pretty much myself. But I'm going to give them away.

I counted the comments and asked DH to pick a number between 1 and 25 and the winner is someone who apparently doesn't have a blog! Imagine that! Laura, it's time to get with the program! Here's what you wrote:

What wonderful finds you discovered! And thank you for the hint about Zands, saving those pennies for shipping help the coin purse. Laura (

Time to make yourself known -- email me your name and mailing address, and your chocolate-lime treat will be in the mail on Monday. Oh, and Sharon, if you're reading this, I'll mail that book to you at the same time!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congratulations to Lucky Laura (and YOU)! Looking forward to your next 700 posts~

Sharon said...

Which Sharon?
What book?

Barb said...

Congrats to the winners,...I will enjoy reading your next 700 posts! I am still convinced I need to head off to Sauders soon!

Lorraine said...

Lucky Laura...and Lucky you...Kim has a great blog and I have been following her foray into the designing world.....I wish her all the best..I don't know how she fits everything in..she is a busy gal!
WV: wyeste - because thats the way to Kansas Dorothy.....(well I don't know if it is but it sounds good!)

Kim said...

Congrats on 700 posts! Funny that you mentioned my pattern and class--would it surprise you to know that your blog came up during the class? Several of us were talking about blogs we enjoy and yours was one of them--specifically we talked a little about your post about conspicuous consumption and how your handling of a comment led to an interesting discussion. Keep on giving us good stuff to think about!

suz said...

Wow, 700 posts! I'm getting closer to blogging, finally replacing my old, barely breathing computer by the end of the month (I hope) - then on to better things. The new computer has been purchased with the intent to blog. I'll be taking deep breaths ... so we'll see. I love WYFI! On the backroads to Concord, NH I pass a little pond that has several turtles that come out each spring. There is a large rock near the center of their tiny little pond and when the road was under construction and when a car dealership built up beside them - everyone took great care not to disturb their pond (about 10-15 feet across!) I love to pull off the road in the good weather just to watch them sunning themselves. It's a nice reminder to slow down a bit!