Feet Up Kind of a Day

Some sweet reader, noticing that I'd not posted since Wednesday, wrote to see if I was okay. Wasn't that lovely?

I'm okay. Dog tired, but okay. The past week was the last week of school, with Commencement and all of the associated activity that brings. We were out for four consecutive nights, too. It was all good stuff, mind you, but just too much too close together.

Besides that, today was Stephen Ministry Sunday at our church, and I had been asked to preach. I hadn't done that it a while, and fortunately I got the sermon written last Saturday before everything got so hectic. I read it each afternoon and again late last night and early this morning, and it went very well.

But I'm just whupped. Have spent much of today with my feet up.

Tomorrow, Scarlett reminds us, is another day. And I hope to post some pics of the sewing I've worked in despite all of the activity: finished the blocks for the Liberation quilt, made two blocks for Caroline's quilt (yes, another new project), and continued work on the Quilt for Melanie Wilkes blocks. I've decided that this quilt is going to be named Rhett Butler Slept Here, and am sending it off this week to have it machine basted for hand quilting. First I have to piece the backing. And I just can't do that today.

So stay tuned!


Juliann in WA said…
it's all good stuff - how often do we say that? I think there is a lot of that end of school year weariness going around - rest up
Unknown said…
Busy time of year - bet you're so glad you got that sermon written before the melee began - can't wait to see what you've been working on
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm glad you know how to prioritize, putting your feet up is vital! Well done, dear friend! Bravo!!
*karendianne. said…
Oh yeah, that's a cool quilt. I'd forgotten about it. Makes me happy that quilt does. I do hope you're continuing to energize and rest in equal measure. *karendianne.
suz said…
Nancy I just read your daughter's email - ohhhh. That must just make your heart swell up! Have a restful, fun summer.
Nicole said…
When I used to work at a University, the end of the year was so exhausting. I was in charge of the Commencement activities and would come home at the end of that day so beat I could hardly keep my eyes open. Feet sore, sunburned on the back of my neck, sweaty clothes. Ick. Those days are over for me and it is just fine with me!