Shout Out!

Isn't it just the nicest feeling when someone you like or admire thinks you're pretty nifty, too? Doncha get all smiley and happy and kind of canary-whiskered (as in the cat who swallowed the) when that happens?

Happened to me today. From someone I just think is the cat's meow, in a feline manner of speaking. Yup, it was Kim! The gal I'd really love to have live down the street. Right next to Nicole. And across from Mz. G. Yeah, I know: I'd never get anything done!

Thanks so much, Kim!

Lovin' ya back,


Feedsack Fantasy said…
Aren't you a sweetheart. Nice compliments to everyone ... TTFN ~ Marydon
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Awww... shucks. Now I'm all smiley and canary whiskered myself! You're right, we'd get nothing done in our neighborhood...but we'd be mighty happy!
Nicole said…
Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to be neighbors? We could have coffee klatches in the morning, go shopping and sew together in the afternoons and have cocktails before dinner. And have cook outs where the husbands do all the work!