A Little Vacation

For Christmas, Bonnie gave us a gift certificate for two nights at Arvgarden, a Swedish-style bed and breakfast in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. We've both heard of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the nearby major attraction, but neither of us has ever been there. That is about to change.

We're going tomorrow to spend the Laurel Festival weekend at Arvgarden. We'll explore Wellsboro, attend a parade, hope to attend a play and perhaps a blue grass concert, visit a quilt shop, see that there Grand Canyon, and rest and relax.

On our way north, we might stop at the town of Jim Thorpe to see what is going on there. Another place we've heard about, but never visited.

Sunday, on our way home, we plan to stop in the Bloomsburg area to visit Joe's aunt (sorry, no link but waving vigorously -- "Hi, Aunt Arlene! See you soon!"

And Joe has an idea about another stop on Sunday.

I wonder what that could be!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
A PUPPY? Are we getting a puppy??????????????????

Enjoy your weekend, it sounds heavenly. I had no idea there was another GC, in PA of all places. Who'da thunk?
Helen said…
Sounds wonderful, Nancy!!!

Enjoy your getaway and whatever surprise you have waiting for us upon your return!

Feedsack Fantasy said…
The GC of PA is absolutely gorgeous, very picturesque ... another exquisite creation of our Lord to enjoy! You will be very pleased. TTFN ~Marydon
Anonymous said…

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dianne said…
Mary Anne (of Moonbeams in a Jar fame) lives in Jim Thorpe, PA - if you visit her blog you will find some posts that will take you on a little tour ... moonbeamsinajar.blogspot.com
*karendianne. said…
I've been wondering when and if this might happen! :)
Karen said…
I love Wellsboro! We use to go camping there! We live 1 1/2 hrs away but love to visit the Wellsboro Diner! I remember a museum that we enjoyed visiting too.
Have fun!
Unknown said…
Have a lovely break - just bring one home Nancy!
Have a wonderful weekend. It sounds like a great adventure waiting to be had,
Lorraine said…
Have a wonderful weekend....sounds like you have some fun planned...is that a puppy I see in your future?
Anonymous said…
After all the comings and goings you were describing, it's great that you had a chance to slip away to re-charge. All the better to be well rested in order to take on the energy of a new, furry family member! What a sweet looking animal! What breed is that?
And oh, btw, the sweet sixteens arrived in my mailbox, they're beautiful. Thanks once again for the chance to win them. Laura
Anya said…
I hope you enjoyed your visit (even though it was gloomy and rainy this weekend). The hosts of Aarvgarden are wonderful people -- I'm sure they treated you well. Hopefully, you also had a chance to get to Needles Quilt Shop!