Thursday, February 25, 2010

In A Bind?

It was late when the call came. It was 5:39 and I was sound asleep. I'd wakened around 5 and looked outside and it didn't appear to me that there was enough snow to close school.

One of the worst things that can happen at our school is to have snow begin -- or worsen -- during the school day.  As an independent school, buses from as many as ten or fifteen different school districts transport our students.  And we have high school students who drive themselves to school.  On those days, the various districts close at various times, sending their buses to pick up their students.  And our kids, godblessem, get on their cell phones between classes and call home, begging their parents to call school and have them dismissed "for safety driving."  It is an absolute nightmare.  When we decide we are going to close early, there are many, many families that we must notify and find out whether they can come and pick up their children.  It is the worst kind of day.  With the probability that our day would turn into this awfulness, we closed.

I put the day to good use, finishing the last of the Simple Flower Baskets for "Going Rouge."  Got 'em up on the wall and am about ready to put them together in fours and then apply a lattice.  That was my morning.  

After lunch and a bit of a nap, I went back downstairs and pieced the binding for Melanie and got it machined on.  I'm ready to begin the hand-stitching.  Tonight I'll set aside the hand quilting on the Civil War baskets quilt (Mason-Dixon?) and begin work on that binding.  The Olympics are nearly over, but if I sprint, there is still the possibility that Melanie could get finished before the torch is extinguished!

Especially if the weather-guessers are right -- they have been talking about perhaps ten more inches tonight.  And you know what that would mean.


Diana said...

Early dismissal is a nightmare for us, too, because we have to call all the parents to make sure it is okay to release the students, and so many parents are hard to reach by phone. It looks like you are in for another long weekend, though!

Kathie said...

oh I love these blocks, that fabric line is just soooo pretty
hope the binding was sewn down last night!


Pat said...

I work in Center City Philly, with a bunch of women who have school age kids. Many had kids in schools with late arrivals on Thursday, so they came in late because they needed to get their kids to school, took the train/drove in to work from Philly 'burbs or New Jersey, then got a call that the schools were letting out early. Packed up their work to take home, got in the car/found a train, and schlepped home to meet the kids. And they are lucky that they have a boss who accommodates the need to do this. There are lots and lots out there who don't.

On another note, Nancy you are going to have to put "snow" somewhere in the name of each of those quilts you are finishing courtesy of the WInter of 2009/2010.

Susan said...

It seems these baskets went together quickly. What a beautiful quilt! I hope you have time to do the sashing today and show us another picture.

Tanya said...

Ooh! And what a wonderful bind that would be for me too! A whole unexpected day!! Good for you for getting so much done! It sure isn't nice to be out in the snow (and worrying about people who are out in it) but it makes for a good sewing day!