Saturday, February 13, 2010


A six-day weekend in mid-February. Unheard-of. The blizzard that struck Philadelphia and Nearby on Tuesday night closed school on both Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday afternoon, the eve of a scheduled in-service day for faculty and staff, the roads inside the City of Philadelphia still hadn't been plowed and it seemed unlikely that employees who live in the City would be able to get to school. So, a third consecutive snow day. Then the weekend. And Monday, a scheduled holiday. Serendipity.

I spent the first two days mostly playing. The third day I spent much of the day cleaning my china closet. Sewing some. Making a run over to school to pick up some work to bring home -- stuff that really couldn't wait until Tuesday. But not too much of it.

Finished my Baskets of Triangles and just love them. And today I started my Cactus Pots. And love them just as much. Half of them are done.  They're mighty sweet.

Been thinking about a name for this quilt and know that if I have to force it, it isn't right. Considered "Going Rouge" and haven't totally eliminated it. Thinking about honoring our serendipitous six-day weekend and putting Serendipity in the name. Hasn't become clear yet.

A totally unrelated piece of serendipty came in the form of a box of miniature Hawaiian bananas that arrived yesterday --our monthly fruit box from Harry and David. It came, as always, with a suggested recipe in the box. I usually don't do anything with the recipes, but Joe got ahold of it and, friends, last night during the Olympics he made and served Bananas Foster.

Sweet. Serendipity.

Maybe that's the name I'm looking for: Sweet Serendipity.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I like your name idea! I was going to also suggest - Raspberry Blizzard!

Glad you enjoyed your snowy vacation.

Susan said...

Nancy, I'm loving these blocks! And isn't it great to work in a school? I, too, had a six-day weekend (well, seven if you count the sick day I took last Tuesday) and it looks like we could get another day next week. All sorts of quilting and stitching has gotten done at my house!

creativedawn said...

That "Raspberry Blizzard" is coming along beautifully! It's good to have some time off to relax and quilt/sew/create!
Have a great half week ... more snow to come...

Suzan said...

Call it what you will but "Going Rouge" made me laugh out loud!

Dianne said...

I love those blocks! I hope that you all thaw out soon! But, if you do, that means back to work and less quilting time...hmmmm... :)

Mimi said...

I absolutely love snow days, but our snows have not coincided with the school calendar. BAH!

Last week at our school was like two weeks packed into one. When the weather is so bad and you don't get the snow day (everyone gets all GEARED up for a snow day) it makes the week so very difficult.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Enjoy the last days of your snow holiday. We're due for some snow in RI on Monday into Tuesday. It's our winter vacation week, so no snow days for my daughter and husband. I, on the other hand, have to go to work. I need spring!
Take care,

Salem Stitcher said...

A six-day weekend...what bliss!

altar ego said...

How I wish I had some of your snow days (though what I really need is for my husband to get a job so that he isn't home so much!). I'm loving all the creations streaming from your fingers. Keep 'em coming--I'm living vicariously!