Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sparkle Plenty

Sherron subscribed to a BOM that provided enough fabrics to make four little six-inch batik stars each month.  She made some of them and decided they really were not her thing.

So she hung onto the little packets as they came in, and when everything was there, she asked me if I wanted the project. Oh, did I!

So I've cut about a third of the packets and am using these stars as my leader-ender project. They are so darned cute! There doesn't seem to be a lay-out for how the designer planned for them to be assembled. I'll figure that out when they are all done.

But I do know what the quilt will be named: Sparkle Plenty.

Anyone old enough to remember her?


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm old enough! I love these little sparklers, what a great deal you got! Well done.

Pat said...

I remember both Sparkle Plenty AND Sparkle Farkle. I have a genetic predisposition to Batikitude, so I think those stars are terrific. They might actually make a nice border?

Judi said...

You are right, they ARE cute - though I don't think Sparkle Plenty made it across the Pond.

Since I doubt I'll be lucky enough to have someone give me such little treasures, I think I might cut some of my own...