Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Little Clothesline Exhibit

Today we had the opportunity to photograph three recently finished quilts -- this one was finished as recently as last evening!

This quilt is for Sherry's expectant co-worker whose little boy is due in July.  It is very similar to a quilt I saw on Nicole's blog a few months back.  I changed the border arrangement a bit and added the pinwheels in the corners.  Although recently I've been resistant to quilts made from a single line of fabric, I'm pleased with the way this one turned out.

This is the quilt's back.  Some of the fabrics used in the top of the quilt have rather-hard-to-see bunnies in them, so I asked my machine quilter if she had any designs with rabbits.  She immediately showed me this one which I fell in love with.

I hope that by clicking it you can see the bunnies and the carrots.

I love the quilting on this project.

This quilt was my UFO Challenge project for May.  The top had been done for quite a while and was just sitting around waiting for a recipient.

I'm still not sure who the recipient will be, although I do have an idea that I need to discuss with someone else.

The blocks were from a swap and the nine patches were made to try to pull them all together.

The quilt is hand tied with DMC floss.  I really, really like the binding.

And here is Justin and Tal's quilt.  I pieced the blocks and set them when we were at White Oak this spring, but didn't get the borders on.  This is Emily Cier's Irish Chain, and the pattern in the book didn't call for any borders.  It wasn't big enough to suit me without borders, and when I consulted with a colleague, she persuaded me that I shouldn't border it but rather to add more blocks.  I wasn't convinced.  I put the borderless top on the wall and felt that the eye was drawn to the outer edge and beyond and that wasn't what I wanted.  I'm glad that I added the borders -- they seem to draw the eye back into the center.  I might see Tal and Justin this week and if I do, I will give it to them, although the wedding isn't until September.


LizA. said...

Such wonderful eye candy. They're all lovely. I have to agree with you about the borders on the last quilt.

Janet O. said...

What a great little boy quilt--I love the quilting design with the carrots and bunnies.
Never thought of tying a quilt with DMC floss. How many strands do you use? I just tied one last night with cotton yarn and I tried to match the yarn colors to the blocks. I used four colors of yarn and it was hard to find good matches for the fabrics. Floss would be easier to match--so many more colors available. Great idea. How does it hold up through washing?

suz said...

The quilts are great. Your quilter did an amazing job with the bunnies and carrots - too cute!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

great display there, interesting Irish Chain, haven't seen that design before. Your cow is on his way...a few days ago he started flying in fact...should be udderly exhausted by now. (so, sorry, but who can resist the puns!)

Lori said...

What a lovely quilt show nancy! Congrats on the finishes. I think I really like the last one with a border.

Kathie said...

thanks for sharing, always fun to see finished quilts.
I have never tied a quilt, do you tie a lot of your quilts?
congrats on a few great finishes!