How Now, Brown Cow?

These beautiferous bovines arrived in the past couple of days from Helen "Mimi," from Lurking Linda, and from dear Tanya who also included the Moo.

And people have written that mooooore are on the way!

On other fronts, this week I've been stitching a little summer robe for my granddaughter, size 4T.  Been a while since I've done something like that.  I bought the pattern used on Etsy and the seller didn't mention that the collar wasn't included, so it is collarless.   Don't look too closely at my buttonholes, either!  Picture in a day or so, once the hems are done and the buttons sewn on.  I have five little incubator quiltlets just about ready, and Justin's quilt is all done and just needs to be photographed.  Am hoping for a photo-shoot tomorrow afternoon.


Pat said…
You are going to have the very bestest moo quilt ever!!!!! I am especially in love with that flirty paper-pieced beauty on the right, although the purple cow is quite sassy and the wee one on the left tugs at my heart.
Lorraine said…
Oh my really started something with the cow theme....fantastic!! really enjoying the parade of cow blocks....!
Anonymous said…
Now that school is almost out for me, I can get serious about a cow for you. Sorry for the delay.
Kathy B
Yolo CA
Linda said…
Nancy, I'm so glad my cow finally got there! I love Tanya's paper pieced cow--it's pretty wonderful! You are going to have the best quilt ever!
Lurking Linda
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Terrific cow herd you have there, madame!

Can't wait to see the robe. 4T? REALLY?? Oh my goodness, I'd lost track. The BABY of our bunch turns 7 months today and is already pulling up to standing. Where does the time go?
*karendianne. said…
Oh my gosh these are so cool! Loving all the creativity pouring in. :) How fun.
Kimberly Mason said…
Oh my! So many beautiful cows!