COW News

I spent much of today in the company of some COW friends, sewing down at the church.  Each of us brought her own project to work on and we combined forces for lunch.  I made these five six-inch blocks for my second "Farmer's Wife" quilt.  I use the quotes because I'm following that pattern's general idea, but using blocks I enjoy making without templates.

I took my Featherweight rather than the Bernina today because I need to get some experience using it.  It is so much easier to haul around.  I had at least three Featherweight experts there to help me with questions.  It was a terrific day, and this pile of blocks is growing, growing, growing.

These two terrific cow blocks arrove during the past week.  Gari's Cow Quintet meandered all the way up here from Alabama, and Fitzy's amazing cow came from Out West.  Aren't they splendid?

I'm well aware that I owe some people some goodies in exchange for the cows, and I hope to fulfill these obligations before June is out.  I have one more week of full-time work and then the blessed summer hours (8-1 rather than 8-4) begin!


Pat said…
A good time was had by all. Lots of great conversation, and collaboration/advice on projects. One of the fun things we did was share lunch. Everyone brought a sandwichs cut into quarters, which were then artfully arranged on a plate by Ms. Nancy. Instant sammie buffet, supplemented by a tossed and fruit salads. Yum-o!

That C.O.W. quilt is gonna be a doozie! So creative and so much better than your run-of-the-mill signature/friendship quilt.
QuiltingFitzy said…
Glad she arrived safely! Stitching it caused quite a stir in the office, everyone wanted to know why on earth I would be stitching a cow?!