The Bag of the Day

This one might be my favorite.  I don't know how many yards of that nice tan William Morris fabric I had to begin with, but I tell you, I've made three bags now, and there is still a fair amount left!  The prairie points are scraps of Bill.

While I was digging around in the Bill bin, I found a dozen 12" blocks from one of those swappy kinds of things where you send out a focus fabric and people each make a block and return it.  I put them up on the wall and some went together better than others did; one was really way too bright to play with the rest of them, so I took him down and took him apart and will replace the very vivid orange with something a little quieter.  I think the rest of them will do well together after that, and I believe I'll try to get a top assembled out of them this summer.

I've started a new Leader-Ender project this week, but this isn't it. This is dear Nate -- Anastasia sent the photo this afternoon.  It is so hard that he is so far away.

Back to the L-E project, however.  I've got a big Rubbermaid tub of CW pieces, mostly smaller than a FQ and a smaller tub of CW shirtings and backgrounds.  I've always liked the cactus pot block (Diana, that link is for you!) and am making it super scrappy in the eight-inch size.  I've started with the largest section and I'll need 21  units for the 6 by 7 quilt I've got in my head.  It will be a good while before there is anything to share, but know that slow progress is occurring.


Pat said…
I think I like this one the best too. LOVE your little carrot-top as well.
Dear Nate, you have your gandmothert's eyes. YOu don't need to give them bak. He's just a lovely child, isn't he?
Anonymous said…
So cute. That is why we still live in CA w/high taxes - the family members are no more than one short hour away and some kids/grandkids/greats are within walking distance of each other. Janet's family on same property. Am I to assume I am the Diana? Your CA cuz
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lovely bag, your show and tell gets better and better... especially with even lovlier, sweet little Nate! He's completely adorable.
Arlene said…
The bags with the prairie points are lovely. What
pattern did you use? Nate is absolutely adorable.
We had our first great grandson join the family 2 weeks ago. They live near Boston, so it will be about a month before we get to meet him in person. Can't wait to hold him!