Rockabye Baby

I wrote earlier that I'd learned that the local hospice was looking for quilts of all sizes for their patients, and that a particularly pressing need was tiny size quilts -- about 12" x 18" -- for neonates in the program.

My thoughtful and generous cousin, I understand, has already sent a dozen or more soft flannel quiltlets (which I'll see this weekend) and I made five out of orphan blocks.  I took a 12" block and added 3" to either end and machined the quilt sandwich together.  When I had them done, I turned them out and closed the opening and the other night I did some machine quilting to hold all of the layers together.  I gave them to my sister last evening to take to the hospice the next time she goes to volunteer.

In my dwindling box of 30s, I have orphans in smaller sizes and will have to get creative in figuring out how to turn them into these kinds of quiltlets.  It breaks my heart to think that there is this tremendous need.


Janet O. said…
It appears it is not just your cousin who is thoughtful and generous. Very good use of orphan blocks for some precious little babes!
Pat said…
I keep thinking what comfort your little quilts will bring to the families of these angel babies. They aren't orphan blocks any more.