Sunday, June 05, 2011

Weekend Update

Judy may remember it all very differently.  But here's my recollection:  We were at White Oak, having our lunch together outside because it was a beautiful Saturday.  Across from the picnic table was a field with a smallish herd of amiable cows.

We'd been up late on Friday night, sewing and laughing and singing along to Kingston Trio, Smothers Brothers, and New Christy Minstrels.  Earlier in the day we'd lamented to one another that a particular repetitive song from the evening had become stuck in both of our heads.  But we weren't talking about that during lunch.  We were hoping to get it out of our brains.  We finished up Carol's wonderful soup and veggie pizza and just before we got up to return to the sweatshop, the cows, of one accord, assembled in front of us, formed a single file line, and without giving us a glance, ambled off into the distance.  And simultaneously we began to sing, "We're Marching to Pretoria."  Judy has made this block so that I will never, never ever get that song out of my head.  Thanks, Judy!  (Love you anyway)

We have weekend house guests, and on Friday evening while we were visiting, I finished the fingerwork on the summer robe that Sherry had asked me to make for Caroline.  I'd like it better if the person who sold me the pattern hadn't lost the collar piece, and, again, don't look too closely at my buttonholes, but I somehow doubt that a three-year-old will be concerned with either of those niceties.  I enjoyed making it for her.  And while I was at the LQS picking up the buttons for it, I also picked up the cutest little summer dress pattern.  Size 4T.   Later this week, perhaps.

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pcflamingo said...

HA! Love your musical choices, and I remember "Marching to Pretoria". I grew up next to two dairy farms, one of which was visible from our dining room window. Each morning and evening the cows would line up single file and march into the barn for milking. We called it the Cow Parade and looked forward to watching it.