Sam is Baptized

Two weeks ago Sam was baptized. Sherry and Chris belong to a different Lutheran church than Joe and I do. Their church isn't very far away from our house. Sherry was scheduled to return to work following her four-month maternity leave the very next day, and I didn't want her to have to do all of the work for the brunch following the baptism, so I offered to have it at our house. She ended up doing half of the cooking anyway, but she likes to cook, and we had fun working on it together. My niece/Sherry's cousin Susan was the first one, I think, to call him "Sam-I-Am" when he was just a day old. We have a terrific cake lady in our neighborhood, and when I phoned her to get her to make the cake, I knew exactly what I wanted on it. She was delighted to make it and we were delighted with how it turned out. Tasted yummy, too.
. . . .

Sam was so good in church that day, and he looked terrific. We didn't take pictures inside the church -- Joe and I find that a little bit rude to have flashes going off during a worship service -- but I did get this pic of Sammy with his Daddy later that day, after the brunch.