The Virginia House, Outside

Anastasia and Tom chose to have their wedding dinner at a historic house in Richmond. The Virginia House was constructed from the materials of a sixteenth century manor house in England, although it was built here in the USA in the late 1920s. The original part of the building dates back to around 1119, and a Elizabeth I was once a guest. Here is a link that tells a lot more about the house:
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Initially we were scheduled to have dinner on the back veranda which overlooked beautiful gardens. When we arrived at the Virginia House, there was a bar set up under the back cupola, and there were two people playing guitars quietly while waiters strolled around offering us wonderful hors d'oeuvres.
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The table was beautifully set and was large and square. We walked around for a little while, sipping our drinks and nibbling on the goodies, and then it began to rain. The bride looked nervous for a moment and then someone distracted her. The hospitality team sprang into action and within just a few moments a butler came out to invite us inside where everything had been set up in the Great Room.