Look, just look, will you at these dancing ladies (and gents). They are about as ready for a weekend (and a long weekend to boot) as I am. It's been a crammed, packed week with way too much going on (she whined). Worked late two days, with evening commitments the other three weeknights. Trying not to give in to the headcold that is lurking somewhere just out of reach. Dealing with snow yesterday afternoon; not a beautiful snow, not a snow so abundant that it would create a Snow Day, but a downright annoying and scary and slippery snow that had my teeth on edge all the way home. Truth be told, by the time I got home I was done and bailed out of my book club meeting. I just couldn't go out again, especially with the slippery sidewalks.

So here we are on the cusp of a weekend (and a long weekend to boot). A busy weekend, to be sure, but with many good things.

  • First, I'm leaving work two hours early! Comp time for the late night on Wednesday. Going straight to the LQS for backing for the Coffee with Cream quilt that is being handed over to the [new] machine quilter tomorrow.

  • Basketball game tonight. The school's coach has 499 wins and the prospects for a major celebration tonight appear excellent. Joe and I don't go to many athletic or sporting events, but decided to be part of this one.

  • A sewing day! Kathleen has taken over fellowship hall at church for the day tomorrow and a scant dozen of us are going to work on our individual projects, share lunch, and enjoy each other's pleasant company.

  • Dinner out! It will be Joe's birthday and Bonnie is treating.

  • Sunday, totally unscheduled except for church.

  • Monday morning, Sam will be at day care and his parents and us have the day off. Joe and I are going to help Sherry and Chris do some things in anticipation of Biscuit's arrival, just 6-1/2 weeks away!

Thank God It's Friday! Thank God for the weekend ahead (and a long weekend to boot)!


Juliann in WA said…
I am right there with you Nancy. Enjoy the weekend (a long one to boot!).
atet said…
Enjoy the long weekend Nancy. (and a happy bday to fellow January baby Joe from me!) Though, it sounds almost as busy as your week was!
*karendianne. said…
Nancy it sounds like the perfect start to a lovely weekend. I'm happy to read you get time to sew with a few friends, too!
debijeanm said…
Thank God and Dr. King! It's weekends like this I'm glad I'm in education and not in retail! Have fun, Nancy!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
We're going to have one more thing in common before long... ;)