Kathy's Birthday is Tomorrow

It goes without saying that this past week I've done more sewing than blogging. It was a tough week at work, with a couple of difficult personnel issues, and when I'd get home, I just wanted to hole up with Bernina. Have made a bunch of 6" CW snowballs and now have turned that into a Leader-Ender project. And Sherry's friends Adam and Kate are expecting a little girl in a few months and Sherry asked me to make a baby girl quilt. So that's also in progress. Pics of both to follow.

Kathy's birthday is tomorrow, and it's one of those significant ones. The Good Guys -- all apparently having the day off -- are getting together for breakfast to celebrate Kathy. I thought she might need a bag to take to the grocery store, and I had some wonderful fabric that Sherron had passed along to me a couple of years ago and I finally just cut into it and made Kathy's bag. Reinforced with batting, it should hold an arm's worth of groceries.

Happy birthday, girlfriend!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Very nice, both lovely and exceedingly useful at the same time. Really, who can't always use a great tote bag?
That's a great shopping bag!!!
And I love the little quilt....perfect for a new baby.