My Very Own Button

Look! Look! I've got one too! My very own button-link!

Isn't it terrific?

My friend's wonderful DIL made it for me. And I'm SO pleased!

If you like my blog and want quick and easy access, please grab my button (you'll need the HTML) from my sidebar and put it in your sidebar.

Thank you!


Lorraine said…
well my friend...aren't you the special one..LOL....what a great button...will have a play and put it on my blog when I get home from work.....43C here today....but the "weather man" tells us there are temps in the mid 20's expected next week....will have to get out my coat! ...I wish!!

word verification: trintill - the mating call of the silky crested sand groper
Barb said…
Very cool, having your own button :>)...makes it easy to hop into your blog ~ thank you!
Salem Stitcher said…
It's great! She is a peach, isn't she?!
*karendianne. said…
Am I gettin' any kick backs for this? I'm just wonderin' and just askin' because, you know, I'm just sayin...

Cash Poor Love, *karendianne.

wvfy: Xvingea. You know what that is and where its located and what kind of office you need to be at for THIS!