A Satisfying Weekend

It's been a very nice weekend. Especially last evening when we went up to Sherry's for dinner. Our family has a big clump of birthdays that fall at the end of January into the beginning of February and last night we celebrated three of them. Joe and I bought Sam an artist's easel which was very well-received. It's hard to believe he turned three today. Sherry was delighted with the Asher Lev tickets we gave her, and I was so happy that she baked me that wonderful angel cake with the Heath Bars in the icing.

Today our new pastor began his work at our church. What a wonderful day! He's exactly what we need, IMNSHO, and I'm feeling more optimistic about our church than I have in years. And others have indicated that they share that feeling.

I spent some time on the mittens project and believe that the top is nearly done. I think one more brown border around the outside will do it. Tomorrow I need to measure the dimensions of the wallhanging in my office, because I've decided to make several different seasonal ones and they need to be the same size.


Unknown said…
Your Mitten piece is gorgeous!!!

I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend. Have a great week.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm happy to hear the delight in your words re: the Pastoral change. I can relate and celebrate with you! The mittens are oh-so cute. Waiting to warm my hands with mine when they arrive...
*karendianne. said…
You soul surely must feel soothed. Who knew even how much until yesterday!

Mittens - great work my friend. Fantastically cuteamous.
Anonymous said…
Stopped by to give you a bday cupcake, but you were hiding! Hope your day is grand!!
Glad you had a great weekend with your family. The new pastor sounds good. I love the mittens project.