The Lunch Scheme

Lunch is special in the summer. I usually eat mine with the school's librarians, neither of whom I see very much during the school year. Which is a shame because they are both delightful and like librarians always do, they know so much!

There's a day camp at the school, so of course, a minimalist, kid-friendly lunch is served as part of the program. A benefit to those of us who work at the school during the summer is a free lunch from the limited menu.

One of the offerings is a "cesar salad." This is some torn up romaine lettuce with 6 or eight croutons, a handful and shredded parmesan and a small cup of balsamic vinaigrette.

I don't really know whether it was Toni or me that had the idea. Possibly both of us at once. We order the salad on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and each day one of us brings supplements to make it a real meal. One day Toni brought cut up figs, grilled lamb, and some goat cheese. Loann brought cucumbers, celery, cheese, bacon and a separate container of chilled squash bisque. I brought smoked salmon, capers, and havarti. It's been glorious.

And we're only three weeks into it!


blushing rose said…
Creatively delicious ... TTFN ~ Marydon
JennyBHammond said…
Good for you! I just gave up on the salad, because it was so minimalist. Love your topping choices!
Unknown said…
What a wonderful idea to inject some fun and surprise into a regular lunch date - and each of you only has to prepare something every third day - Result!
Pat said…
What a great idea to perk up those heaps of lettuce leaves! I think the idea of the rotating, surprise additions is a stroke of genius.

I love very thinly sliced left-over steak (like flank steak) and thinly sliced onion. Or roasted veggies. We've got a couple of local farmers markets up and running now as part of a sustainability effort. I take my reusable shopping bags to the Saturday masrket and load up on veggies for the week.
What a perfect idea! I hated the school lunches because they were either carb heavy or bare like your salad so I took my lunch most of the time. Of course, then you end up eating at your desk and that's no fun and no break! blessings, marlene
Tanya said…
OOh. Wish I could join your salad bar! I always have trouble figuring out what to put on my salads and they never look appealing though I love salads at the restaurants with all the good toppings! I'm not too creative with food.
Barb said…
What a clever salads always look just boring because they are the same old stuff all of the time. You on the other hand have come up with a great idea, and what fun surprising each other with *whats next on the salad*...very clever!
*karendianne. said…
I'm starting to get fat from overeating here!
That's my Strega Nonna letuce!It's called black seed lettuce and I'e planted more. It's sooo good.