Six and a Half Months To Go

Yesterday was the first day this summer that it's been hot enough Near Philadelphia to put the air conditioners on. We've been very fortunate. And for no particular reason, I got to thinking about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Do you know that they begin in about six and one-half months?

And why, pray tell, am I writing about that now?

A two-part challenge, that's why. Dear Donna has been blogging about progress she's been making on the FQS BOM, and I realized that I, too, had subscribed to this particular BOM and had tucked the packets into a plastic tub each month as they arrived. And never even cut the first one! When I admitted this to ChookyBlue, she challenged me to get going on them. She's moving right along -- you can see a couple of her terrific finished blocks here.

Well, I can't do them right now. My machine just went into the shop and I've got bindings like crazy to complete,more about which in another post. But I'm thinking that once the machine is back, I'm going to set a goal of completing one block per week until they are finished! With any luck, I could be binding a finished quilt during the Olympics.

Because I watch 'em. Every night. And do lots of handsewing while I watch.

There's another BOM that I've set aside, too. It's the Primitive Gatherings BOM pictured here. I've got all the kits and the threads. And that's as far as I've got. My challenge to myself is to get all of the blocks cut and bonded and prepped before the Olympics begin, so I can hand-buttonhole away while I watch the skaters and skiers and lugers and all of those other wonderful events.

And now that I've gone public, I pretty much have to do it. Don't I?


Just THINKING about the Winter Olympics makes me feel cooler!
Unknown said…
Now you've gone and done it - you're committed now :o) Mind you sometimes this is just the sort of kick up the butt we need to spur us into action - good luck!
Micki said…
The BOM sounds lovely. I can't wait to see what you do with it!
LizA. said…
There's something SERIOUSLY wrong here. I'm in Seattle and I won't even begin to tell you how much we've used our air conditioning this year! Please send us back our normal weather!

Good luck with your challenge -- you can do it!
LOL..........well now you better let me know when that machine gets back from the DR's.......your days are you start you will really enjoy it......
Tanya said…
I laughed about going public with those resolutions! I'm so afraid to commit myself on blog because then I won't have a way out! Good for you!
Juliann said…
I have been trying to get some applique projects basted so I have some handwork for those evenings after school begins and I am too tired to sit at the machine. I should be prepping my last few Leanne's House blocks too. Thanks for the nudge.