Out of Iraq

Ever since I heard that the last U.S. troops had left Iraq, I wanted to write a blog post.  But nothing came.  Words failed me.  I thought Chez might take a stab at it; in fact, I was counting on him to.  But he's got other stuff going on so I'm cutting him a break. 

I'm ancient enough to remember when the nation held a moment of revernce with only church bells breaking the silence when the Vietnam War ended.  But there's been no word of anything like that this time. 

Then, this morning, I read Tom's post (December 21: "Out of Iraq") and realized that I don't need to write my post after all.  Tom's done it.  And done it good.

There's nothing more to say.


Greta said…
Thanks for sharing Tom Degan's blog. I am now following him. I admit I have become numb to the tragedy, greed, and general insanity of this war. But I am glad someone is still indignant enough to remind me of where I stand and what is lost.
Tom Degan said…
Thank you so much for sharing by blog with your readers, Nancy. This is indeed a nice thing to wake up to.

All the best,

Tom Degan
Nancy - thanks so much for the link. Incredible post and Tom truly said all those things I have been thinking!
Anya said…
Thank you for the link, Nancy. He's absolutely correct!
LizA. said…
Thank you for sharing this.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the link to Tom's blog. I will be reading it from now on.
this picture says way more than 1000 words....well done
Ray said…
Thank you so much for this link!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for introducing me to Tom's blog, which I have not bookmarked. I met Chez through you and am sure I will find this one as thought provoking. He said things I've been thinking but could never say so well, but I was one of the many who said, "I don't believe it; prove it" when we were told of the WMD in Iraq. I especially hate the lie that so many have died to save our freedom. I'm really sick of hearing that one.
Salem Stitcher said…
Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a discussion my father and I had the other night. I'll be sharing the link.
Yuki said…
Another thought provoking...well done! All I think of is, so many lives lost and for what.

ttfn :) Yuki