Fun Fun Fun

I thought I had a meeting to go to, and was a bit grumpy about it -- I've been out so  many nights lately and really needed some time at home to get reacquainted with Bernina who has been pretty much abandoned for the past couple of weeks.  Fortunately, my wonderful husband, who is much better about calendar accuracy than I am, realized that my meeting is next Monday; hence, I was able to spend my evening sewing.

I'd been wanting to make some pot holders out of scraps from Good Morning Starshine (who is at the machinest presently and will be home and ready to bind this weekend!).  I'd already gone to the LQS to buy the special insulated batting needed for pot holders, and was just itching to get going!

I worked on four, completing two, using three different finishing techniques.  I have one more technique to try -- that one would be standard binding applied from the front and hand-stitched down.  It will take considerably longer than the other methods, but I believe I will be more pleased with it. 

Thinking fondly of dear Bonnie Hunter who taught me to crumb!


Janet O. said…
Oh, how fun! My sewing machine is jealous. All I have done on it this past couple of weeks is tack down a belt loop for my son.
We had delicious pumpkin pancakes for supper tonight. Yummy!! Thanks so much!
Nann said…
Some years ago in a getting-to-know-you exercise we were asked, "Describe an ideal evening." My response: "one without a meeting." This week, for me, is completely evening-meeting-free, and I'm spending the time in my studio!

P.S. I like your "crumby" work. Have you seen Bonnie's tannenbaum mug rug pattern?