Pinning Away Near Philadelphia

I'm well aware that I've been absent the Blog scene this past week.  Partly Christmas and the aftermath are to blame.  Partly the tension across my shoulders and upper back are to blame.  Partly a return to Bernina with yet more pot holders and now some new crumb blocks a la Pictures at an Exhibition are also to blame.  And so is Pinterest.

Y'all know I'm not one to rush into the latest craze.  I held out for quite some time before giving in to French General Rouenneries.  We never bought an 8-track, and were late to the party for cassette tapes.  I still don't have a "real" cell phone (though I think that's about to change).  I was late to get into email and blogging.  So it is little wonder that I'm just now getting around to the new(est?) time gobbler, Pinterest.

Oh, my, is it fun.  Quilty and gorgeous grandchild content to resume before too long.


Janet O. said…
My daughter keeps telling me I will love Pinterest, but I am going to see how much longer I can hold out. : )
We've been missing you.
Don't think I'd better even peek at pinterest, flat out keeping up with everyone already!! A bealated Happy christmas to you nany, and hope the new year is wonderful and continues to be full of family, and sewing and joy! Love Tracey xx
antique quilter said…
made me laugh! ah yes Pinterest is amazing!
a time gobbler for sure. Spent an hour before I knew it the other day. I am going to try and stay away as much as possible!
I give up. What is Pinecrest? As I wrote before, it sounds like a cememry assosciation.Is it a game? Some kind of interactive web site? Something you snort? Help me out here.
Murr Brewster said…
Hi Nancy! Merry Christmas. I'm putting in a link to you in my Saturday Murrmurrs blogpost--just thought you'd like to know before both of my readers bowl you over with attention. Happy new year.
Nance said…
Third recommendation I've gotten. Must try Pinterest out! Nice to meet you. Murr sent me.