Coming Up For Air!

Oh, what a week I've had! Had to be out each night, Monday through Thursday, a houseguest arrived Thursday afternoon, big crowd for dinner Friday, and yesterday entertaining the houseguest. Scant sewing to show for the week, or even the previous one. My plan to complete one 6" CW block per day fell apart, but here are the most recent four that I've finished.

Most of what sewing time I've had has gone to a secret project that will be revealed after Christmas. But so far it is looking very, very nice.

Yesterday the houseguest and I went out to Lancaster County. After stopping at the farmers' market at Bird in Hand to get some cinnamon buns for Himself (and the houseguest picked up a couple of treats, too), we drove into Intercourse. 340 was full of cars and little wonder -- it was a gorgeous day, perfect for a day in Intercourse. We visited that wonderful little quilt museum on the second floor of the Old Country Store and did a little shopping downstairs (see above mention of secret project), and went across the street for lunch at the Kling House (it has been years since I've eaten there and that wonderful chicken salad with cranberry sandwich is as good as ever and since my guest was unlikely ever to return, it was essential that we share a piece of that famous coconut pie and, oh my! were we glad that we did).

When we got home, there was an unexpected package waiting for me -- it was a beautiful Low Volume top from dear Julie who had gotten the package to flimsy stage and then found it languishing amongst her UFOs and sent it along with some backing fabric, thinking one of our group might want to finish it for a charity project.

Friends, I want to tell you that there is a mystical connection between Julie, God, and me because I looked at this sweet flimsy of hers and flashed back to the conversation in the car with the houseguest whose too-young daughter suffered a stroke a few months back and is wheelchair bound. This flimsy appears to me to be the perfect size for a lap quilt for this young woman and, having received Julie's approval, I hope this week to sandwich and either tie or try to machine quilt it.

There's more to share -- the report of last weekend's visit to Richmond and the baptisms of the little ones there, some baby quilts that need binding, and other little stories.

But I need to go downstairs and sew for a lengthy spell. It's been too darned long


Quiltdivajulie said…
I hope the lap quilt will bring even a little comfort - like I told you, I was blessed to recover to 90% -ish and I can't think of a better 'new home' for what could have become an abandoned UFO.

Cinnamon buns -- coconut pie --- yum!!!
this is spooky! like how did you know chicken salad is one of my faves...and i will be IN bird-in-hand in 4 short weeks....duly noted!
Barbara Anne said…
Whew! You have been busy! No wonder you needed to surface for a few gulps of air.

Ah, I fondly remember Bird-in-Hand and the beauty of Lancaster when I visited as a kid in the back seat of my uncle and aunt's car along with my parents. Wish I could visit now to go to the Old Country Store for the fabrics and the quilts. Having read your post, the visit would now include a meal at the Kling House - for sure!

Wishing your houseguest's too young daughter the best recovery possible after her unwelcome and unforeseen CVA. A cozy, happy quilt will be the best non-medical tonic possible. Cheers for Julie's psychic response to the need she didn't know about.