Oh, Mike, what a week we've had together! You never failed me, not once! Bit by bit, day by day, things are happening here, thanks to you!

Here is the week's yield of 6" CW blocks for my queen-size project. I may be more than halfway there in the block-making phase. Lori, do you recognize some of these fabrics? Once I realized how some different fabrics can breathe new life into a stale project, I quickly organized a CW F8 swap among the folks on my little swap list and before the end of the month should have more than a dozen additional choices!

Thing Two is taking shape! As of this morning, all sixteen blocks are made and they are ready to be assembled into rows.

Handwork progresses slowly in front of the TV; the Democrats helped a lot this week, and now the West Wing reruns (Netflix) are doing their part. One of the cow-makers who doesn't stitch any longer sent a lovely cow drawn on background with designated colors. I'm working on that embroidery in the evening currently.

Some progress has been made on assembling the cows, but a couple of nights I passed them by because of the need to change thread to work on them. I think with some concentrated effort, this afternoon I might be able to get the rows all put together and begin to consider borders . . . .

I have 11/12 of the blocks I need to put together a second Quilt for Kid, and just might receive that last sawtooth star on Tuesday evening when I see Turbo.

My biggest upcoming challenge is going to be resisting the urge to dive into the fabrics I bought yesterday when the Executive Committee had an outing to Burkholder's. I received the award for most money spent. Even with the 25% off coupon!


Lori said…
Burkholders? Jealous!!

I'm so happy you've been able to put the CW pieces to use! Lovely blocks, Nancy.

3rd time maybe for word verification? Extremely annoying...
Janet O. said…
You and Mike make quite a team. Everything is moving along so well it is inspiring.
And congratulations on your award--very prestigious!
I did not even attempt to stay out of my new Burkholder fabric! I have been there 3 times since the sale started...I need to move!
Amy said…
It is so gratifying to hear your Executive Committee awards honor to the one who spends the most. (Congrats!) Ours does too, though there is one holdout who never places in the top three. Love your progress.
Anonymous said…
CW blocks are looking great!