It may well be that my blog has come to an end. Blogger won't allow me to add photos -- says I have used up all of my storage on Picasa.

There doesn't seem to be a way to get things OUT of Picasa. They seem to want me to pay a monthly fee to purchase additional storage of photos on Picasa.

I don't understand any of this. If you do, and want to share your knowledge, please contact me. I'd be very grateful.

Frustrated, Near Philadelphia


Janet O. said…
This has been a subject on many blogs recently. I recall some saying they now use photobucket (a free photo storage service) and others have indicated going to google+ gave them photo storage without paying. Then there are the people like me--I paid $5 several months ago and my photos are loading fine. : )
Well, knock on wood, but I haven't had a problem (yet). I use both Picassa and Flickr. I have a PRO account on Flickr (I pay for it). I don't know what to tell you on this one.
I haven't had the problem as when I email mine they are smaller files.....but I do know if you delete pics from your picasa web album they get deleted from your blog so i don't recommend this one........it's been a hot topic at the moment.....
Nann said…
I don't understand it, but like Janet O., I pay the extra each month.

What I don't understand is how deleting a photo from your hard drive may also delete it from the blog. (The blog will show a black box with a fat white exclamation point.)

I still have a Webshots account and need to get my photos out of there and stored somewhere else...that's a One of These Days project.

But, please, don't give up on blogging!
LoieJ said…
My blogs gave been neglected for two years, so I'm no expert. BUT I did/do have a lot of photos on the blog that were not uploaded through Picasa first. I just uploaded them directly to the blog. At the time, I had dial up, so I never used full sized files which means I was well below the theoretical capacity. I have had some pictures disappear from my blog, probably do to changes in the way I have them filed on the computer. The other issue I had was that I had some travel pictures on the Picass web albums, as public albums. I found them on two different blogs, used to solicit donations for African Orphans. Putting them in private albums got them off those blogs.
LizA. said…
Hum, I ran out of Picasa space last year on our 2 week jaunt to Arizona because it turned out the photos from the Nikon I was uploading were full size. I paid just $5.00/year to get more space. It was cheap and easy. Please don't go away because of this..... :-(
*karendianne. said…
Holy Cow!!! I just woke up and the first thing I read was something about the end of your Blog. I had a baby calf. I've since read the post and comments with coffee and figure we're all okay. If you need pennies - I'll bring them to our next get together.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I paid $5 for a year, as mentioned by some others; I also switched over to Google+ and, so far (knock on wood) have had none of the difficulties you describe.
Barbara Anne said…
I have no blog, but certainly hope you won't close your blog! You have lots of worthwhile things to say, photos to share, and quilts to let shine.

I've used Photobucket in the past to post photos on a forum and never had any trouble with them. It was also free.

Hang in there!

Denise in PA said…
I caved last year and paid the $5 - glad I did now that Webshots is going away and I needed a place to put all of those photos - now they are on Picasa.
i got the same message but somehow got around it...it's gone for now and i can keep calm and carry on!
Tanya said…
Oh dear... I hadn't heard of this problem. And I post so many pictures too! I wonder when I'm going to send out a plea for blog help.
I'm glad Picasa is still letting you post pictures.