Oh, yes, I've been sewing. Mostly on a secret or two that I can't post about until after Christmas. Like my SSCS, for example. The secrets are nearly finished, however, and regular sewing/posting should resume before long.

But first there is some unsewing to do. Several weeks ago I agreed to take a quilt kit from Quilts for Kids, and I had a darned good time making it! I even machine-quilted it all by myself! The organization asked volunteers to consider making a second quilt from our own stash to send along with the one made from the kit. I had some terrific blocks that Turbo had given me, and found just the right go-withs for lattice and border, and got the whole thing pieced and sandwiched and when I started machine quilting it, the TOP bunched up at the end. On TWO sides. Exasperated, I took the whole project and cast it aside.

Out of sight, out of mind, one would hope. But alas, it doesn't leave my mind. On Friday and Saturday, we'll have a whole lot of family in, and I'm thinking that ripping out that dreadful machining is just the project for me to have on my lap as we visit. Perhaps I won't even notice how odious my task is!


good to hear your SSCS being worked on.......goodluck with the reverse sewing.........
Janet O. said…
Good plan, Nancy. If you can have your mind on pleasant things while your hands do unpleasant things it may not seem so odious. : )
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, bless your good heart, hands, fingers, and seam ripper as you get those errant stitches out. DH called himself "Conan the Seam Ripper" as he's often taken out stitches for me, kind white knight that he is!

I use Hobb's Heirloom 80/20 Cotton fusible batting when I'm quilting something myself. Bunching isn't a problem with it was long as you have it well fused and you can always press it again in the midst of quilting. The fusible stuff washes out the first time the quilt is washed, too.

This morning I cut the binding strips for the two little Christmas wall hangings that are a surprise for AMIL. The in-the-ditch quilting was finished yesterday. I need to have them completed by Friday because that's when she likes to decorate for Christmas. :)

AnnieO said…
Unsewing is a fact of a stitcher's life! I think I need a new one--mine's been getting a lot of use lately too :) I have a finished QFK top that has been sitting around far too long, and a second quilt in mind that has yet to be started. Hope your unsewing is relatively painless with visitors!