Mojo, Anyone?

I'm trying to get my mojo back. Mojos, actually, since both my quilting and blogging ones appear to be AWOL.

The secret sewing project is finished at last; I hope to photograph it tomorrow and then put it in a folder until after Christmas when I can safely share it.

This rose and grey creation is still on my wall after two weeks. I need to either put it together or take it down.

While I've still got my heap of ancient UFOs, I've had an urge to start another Dresden Plate. This one with Kaffe and Kaffeish fabrics. I'm thinking if I start making blades as leader-enders right away, it could be that by Christmas time, when there is a lot of sitting and visiting, I could be hand-stitching plates to backgrounds. And feeling pretty content.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the mojos, Nancy. Your potential Dresden plate project sounds like a good way to do something new and not feel guilty, since it's a leader-ender project.
Janet O. said…
Sorry the mojos are AWOL. That just happens sometimes, doesn't it? Your Dresden plan sounds reasonable to me, piles of UFOs notwithstanding. It would be beautiful in Kaffe fabrics!
Pat said…
Maybe it's mojo sabbatical time because mine are AWOL as well. If you find yours, could you ask if it happened to see mine anywhere? Love the Dresden Kaffe idea. If you are looking for scraps, I have 2 baskets full you are welcome to paw through.
Barbara Anne said…
Jazzy pink and grey quilt!

Okay, I've been a quilter for 20 years but admit to taking few shop classes. What is this "leader-ender" technique that lends itself to the swift accumulation of cut shapes, as in the Dresden plate blades you mentioned? I am puzzled.

After the Christmas gifts are finished, if my mojo hasn't taken itself on holiday, I plan to get back to UFOs and the sweetly beribboned bundles of fabrics (many with patterns tucked under the ribbons) that have been patiently waiting for my attention for close to a decade. Good thing I love scrappy quilts because there is little chance of finding more of these fabrics after all of these years.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I've ordered you a heap of MOJO on this, Cyber Monday, be on the lookout for it! Love the Dresden idea; love it!