Potpourri of Solemn Thoughts

. . . Last Sunday was my high school graduating class's 50th reunion. I chose not to attend. I'd attended the 30th, under some pressure, and didn't enjoy it enough to want to repeat the experience. I did, however, get together for brunch on the day of the event with three women I'd gone all the way through school with, starting in Kindergarten. I last saw one at the 30th reunion; the second stopped to visit one day about twelve years ago when she was Near Philadelphia on business; and the third -- well, I hadn't seen her in fifty years (though she's a highly competent Scrabble player on Facebook). One of the women shared that she'd tested positive for the BRCA gene back in February and in March had voluntarily undergone a bilateral mastectomy, hysterectomy, and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. I can't seem to get that out of my mind.

. . . Another head's assistant has been diagnosed with breast cancer this week, and a lady that I never met but feel fond of has died from another cancer. Yet another cancer is plaguing one of my favorite bloggers.

. . . I've been feeling like a dinosaur lately. The occupations that I've held throughout my life have become obsolete. Dissertation typists are replaced by Word. Medical transcriptionists are replaced by Dragon Speak or something similar. Stenographers just vanished -- replaced, I guess, by email. And now the role of Assistant is being redefined. I've been feeling a bit like the cartoon of the two unicorns watching the ark pull out -- left behind.

. . . My dearest friend is finding herself in a similar place, mentally. I wonder what all of this means.

. . . On a much safer and more comfortable subject, I like basket blocks, batiks, and hand buttonhole stitching. I don't "get" yo-yos, hexagons, and jelly roll race quilts.

. . . I was to five food and beverage stores today in anticipation of Thanksgiving. And I'll have to go out again to get the turkey. How and when did everything become so complicated?

. . . Thank you to those who have written to see if I'm all right. I think I am.


*karendianne. said…
You are very alright. I love your blog and how you use it for such soulful writings as this. I am impacted by the things that touch you. I definitely agree you're basket-y.
the reality is that life often changes whether we like it or not and not always agreeable or welcome. i'm guessing every generation has had a moment of obsolescence and pang of sadness for life as we knew it and expected to remain. i'm guessing if my great-grandmother were still here she would be missing her kitchen woodstove and the weekly arrival of the fishmonger!
OT Quilter said…
Remember that there are things that never become obsolete: being a good and thoughtful friend, being a good and thoughtful writer, being a good and thoughtful wife and mother, being good and thoughtful. All of which you obviously are. I am thankful for your good and thoughtful blog.
Janet O. said…
At times I feel that everywhere I turn someone is seriously ill, and life is moving at a pace in which I am not interested. It does give rise to introspection. We are not obsolete (though jobs we trained for may be). I believe we provide a type of anchor to a society that is too easily swayed by the prevailing trends of the moment. We are sanity, perspective, and wisdom--you more than most! I look forward to your posts, whether about quilting, family, or whatever is occupying your thoughts.
Barbara Anne said…
I think you're okay through and through.

I remember my mother telling me that many of her friends were ill and it was a matter of getting to be "that age" when illnesses become more common. It was sobering then and has come true for me and my friends, too, since we've arrived at "that age".

Things do change and some need to be mourned. I received an email today saying that the Merton Institute is closing at the end of December. That is sad. The Hostess company is closing so there will be no more Twinkies. That is sad in a whole different way. Remember the Fuller Brush Man?

I don't "get" Sunbonnet Sue, Overall Sam, those jelly roll race quilts, or buying a quilt kit. I am stumped that anyone would want to make a quilt that is one of thousands. I love batiks, florals, and rainbow colors!

Thank you for your musings. Write on!

Joe White said…
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Anonymous said…
you atre my kind of girl! I too like this the way they were..Joaniegirl in Fl
Yuki said…
Hi Nancy,

Love your blog. You always give me something to think about.

I remember when real quilts were hand quilted. Now most quilts are machine quilted. I myself have given in to machine quilting and even bought a long arm. oh well

AnnieO said…
The only thing certain in life is change, right? I'm feeling obsolete too, as a medical transcriptionist barely working at a part time job! Hope your Thanksgiving dinner get together lasts as long as all that shopping to make it happen :)
Quiltdivajulie said…
I'm not at all sure how I would counsel a young person today as far as career planning -- aside from telling them they'll always need to be willing to adapt (your dinosaur comment comes ot mind as I type "adapt").

So many of us where I work are burned out and so very tired of "assisting" for little/no genuine appreciation (lip service gets old). The attorneys expect us to work miracles using 20 year old technology - without investing in the tools necessary to do the job efficiently.

I feel for you knowing so many coping with cancers - had my annual mammo on Friday afternoon. Hoping NOT to see my doctor's name on my phone today or tomorrow (indicating a call back visit).

I wish more folks could "step back" a bit when it comes to the November/December holidays - focusing on the meaning instead of the decorating/feeding frenzy.

Hugs to you!!

FabricDiva54 said…
Beautifully said, concise and to the point. I am a legal assistant, and only too aware that if and when my job can be eliminated, it will be. But the same could be said about my 25 yo dd's job. At any rate, I love your blog, check it weekly. And I so agree with you about jelly roll race quilts! Thank you for taking the time to share your life. Many blessings.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You are more than alright... you are A-OK. I am plagued by similar thoughts and worries, wondering when it all became so complicated. I look back on years past and remember how the simplest of things brought such enormous joy. I am reexamining right now too and refuse to be distracted by passing fads and temporary must-haves, it doesn't seem real to me; Basket quilts and Dresdens do! ;)