Baking on a Snow Day

Old habits die slowly. Soon after I got up yesterday morning, it began to snow. The forecast was possibly eight inches in our area, and the local schools were all closed. Having worked at a school the past thirteen years and only fairly recently having ended that association, the notion of a "snow day" was pretty solidly entrenched in my make-up. And I'm a Serious Wuss about driving in the snow. So I emailed the rector (surely among the most benevolent of men) and said I was going to take a vacation day and I'd see him when the roads were clear.

My church is having a cookie sale this Sunday to raise money for Stephen Ministry (a program close to my heart). I'd promised to contribute and had planned to do the baking on Friday. But there are few activities more wonderful for a snow day than baking. So I made a great big batch of criss-cross peanut butter cookies and bagged them up for the sale. Then, since I had the mixer and cookie sheets and everything out, I decided to  make a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies for the family at Christmas time. When they were done, it wasn't lunchtime yet, so I made a big batch of Andrew's favorite chocolate chips. Then I had a little lunch and took a great big nap.

Perhaps you have noticed that the cookies in the sidewise photo above (????) don't match the description. That is because they aren't the cookies I made. It turns out that I wasn't the only baker yesterday. When I arrived at work this morning they were in the church kitchen. Gina, the little girl I've written about in the past, also had a snow day yesterday and she also knew exactly what to do with it. She baked. Three kinds of cookies. And brought them in to share. She's eight years old. And she's autistic. I am so impressed.


Janet O. said…
Oh, how sweet of Gina. And I bet she didn't need a big nap, either. TeeHee!
But you made me need one thinking about what you did! I NEVER do three batches of cookies in one day. (Maybe two batches of cookies and a pan of brownies.) : ) Way to go!
Way to use a free day that you didn't expect !~! Yummy for both you and the delightful Gina.
Gretchen said…
Sounds like a perfect snow day to me. I think I'm genetically programed to bake in December. As soon as the calendar turns over--out comes the recipes, bowls, flour, sugar and chocolate chips :)
Karla said…
How wonderful of Gina! I didn't have a snow day, but I did get finished early enough to go watch Chase go sledding. And I went down a few times myself! Wishing you some baking and sewing comfort this coming weekend, storms are a coming!

Barbara Anne said…
Serious YUM! Cheers for SNOW days, for baking, for the fragrance of cookies, for the taste of cookies, and for bakers, large and small!

Bless Gina's kind heart, too.

LizA. said…
Wow! Go Gina! Snow days are the best.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I agree with you, baking and snow days go together like a hand and glove. My mother always baked as the snow fell when I was a little girl growing up, I was raised thinking that was what one was supposed to do! Gina is one special little girl!
Sarah said…
Wish we got snow days in Australia. We don't even get heat days! We are on summer holidays now. Lucky coz the hot weather began today 37 Celsius, or 100F. I do not want to bake, shop, sew or wrap Christmas presents in such weather. By Saturday the cool change will be here, and so will my energy, maybe?!