Chop Shop Reopens

We'd planned to go to the movies this afternoon since "Philomena" had such good reviews from friends. But when I emerged from church the snow had begun and after I slid all the way through a stop sign on the way home, I decided I wasn't going anywhere today.

There was some laundry waiting for attention and the fabric I'd bought on Friday was more or less calling my name and there are presently four aprons in progress.

Might have to take a wee break from them, though, because dear Judy shared a pattern for the darlingest table runner and I imagine I have everything I'd need to make it.

Upstairs, in front of the TV, is the binding center where the first of three quilts is half bound.

What a fine weekend it has been!


Yay for your weekend. It sounds like a great time was had by you. So, did you start the table runner ?~!
Janet O. said…
Oh, sliding into an intersection is so scary!
I'm liking what I see on your wall. : )
Jindi's Cottage said…
Definitely a good choice to stay home - sliding through stop signs is not worth the risk...liking the pinwheels, gotta love a good pinwheel...have fun with the table runner...
Barbara Anne said…
I'm with you, getting home safely when the world is slippery and then staying there is by far the wisest decision! Besides, your home and mine are filled with delightful options for available time. Love the new pinwheels!

Is Judy's table runner pattern on-line?

Today the ice is thawing to the relief of the evergreens and me. Slush and mud never looked so good.

Tanya said…
What pretty little pinwheels!