Take the Time to Dream

Well, this good-sized tote bag pretty much finishes off the huge amount of pale grey with tiny white dot fabric that I'd bought some time back. I kind of wish I'd bought more when I was at Burkholder's on Saturday. I might be in a fabric store towards the end of this week; I'll look to see if they have any. I've just loved working with it.

This tote bag is a Christmas gift for someone who doesn't read my blog. I enjoyed making it for her. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll see the stitchery.


Janet O. said…
Great looking bag--I love all of the purple. : )
Nice sentiment in the stitchery.
Love purple so the strip of lavender stripes appeals to me on several levels. It's a great bag.
Barbara Anne said…
Wow! You're on a roll! Love this cheery bag and it seems to be such a useful size. Applause!!