The Kindness of Quilters

I'm a bit excited because November will be my month for the Bee Group. I have asked for 9" Churn Dash blocks, one with a black on white background and one with black and white for the Churn Dash; I have asked for yellow, orange, and/or red in contemporary fabrics for the remaining portion of the blocks.

Kathy and Pat are both in my Bee group, and they decided that the Retreat was a grand opportunity to knock out my blocks and so they did. Then they tucked them away for the ingathering midway through the month.

I wasn't 100% during our Retreat. I was preoccupied with my job situation and my knee, which had been behaving beautifully, was flaring up (I later realized this was because in the excitement of being away, I had neglected to consume my required quantity of Advils).

When we were getting ready to pack up for home, dear thoughtful Pat came over with four more happy Churn Dashes that she handed to me. "I can't make your knee feel better," she said, "But I can make these for you!" And, by golly, I felt better instantly. Thank you, Pat!


Janet O. said…
How sweet of Pat--and I love those churn dash blocks in the very eye-catching fabrics!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Color, fabric, and friends ... Powerful medicine for the soul!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
The best medicine there is... the blocks are wonderful and so are you!
Pat said…
Awwww. Truth be told, I had never done a churn dash block before (!), and Nancy's block for our guild bee was the perfect opportunity to try it. They were so much fun, I couldn't stop! Addicting, these blocks! I'm glad they made you feel a little better, friend.
quiltmom anna said…
I love the churndash block- I find it such an appealing block visually. I am sure the quilt is going to be gorgeous.
Hope that the knee is feeling much better and the job worries have gone away.
Warmest regards,