The Sew Must Go On!

The leg situation (see previous posts) continues. There is improvement, not as much or as quickly as I'd like, but improvement. I've never been known for being a patient person.

There's been a discrepancy between my head and my body: My head (and heart) want to sew sew sew but the pressure of the chair edge on the underside of the knee limits my endurance. I am so eager that I can almost taste it to unpack the Go! and GO, but that is going to have to wait. And before the Go! arrived, I had bought a pattern (something I don't often do) for a new project and a two sets of templates after reading a post that Nicole had put up (link goes to Nicole in general, not the specific post) about her experience with templates. I never got to try any of these new toys before the knee erupted.

So I'm really, really happy to post this picture today. My granddaughter's ballet school owner holds a tea party each spring to benefit breast cancer research. She thought she would like to have a pink quilt for a little girl this year among the goodies on her massive tombola table. You know how I hate to be doing something at the last minute, so I'm delighted to have this top finished and ready to go to the machinist next month. I'll have plenty of time in the cold, cold months ahead to do the binding. And hum selections from Swan Lake.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Glad there is a bit of improvement ... Congrats on the flimsy!
Janet O. said…
You are not of the nature to be idle, so this must really be tiresome to be so limited in your activities.
In spite of that, you have created a great contribution to raise money for a worthy cause. Nice work!
I hope improvement begins to come more rapidly for you!
Barbara Anne said…
What a lovely, joy-joy quilt you've made for this worthy cause - and WELL ahead of time, too!! Applause, applause!!

So sorry the knee is still acting ugly (as we say in the South, ie, "misbehaving"). I wonder if using a pillow or some other cushion on the edge of your sewing chair might allow you to sew comfortably as your knee heals? It might be worth trying a variety of soft things to see which helps your knee feel best.

Hummm ... can you spend your enforced idle time to shop on-line for Christmas gifts, to choose recipes for holiday meals, and/or to start your Christmas cards?! Talk about a head start!

Laura said…
Lovely quilt! And I hope your knee continues to improve so so you can get back to sewing as much as you want!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Being "down" is such a bummer... glad to hear there's some, albeit slow, improvement. The pink quilt is simply precious; congrats on that finish, I'm sure it will do well for such a worthwhile cause!