The best part of making the quilt is giving it away.

Which I got to do today. To a cute little pregnant girl who works at the school for autistic kids. She liked it.

"Pluses" was made from a group of hand-dyed fabrics that I bought at the Lancaster show. I hand quilted it with five different colors of thread, most of which weren't the same colors as the Pluses. But it all worked out.

Happy Baby, Ali!


Quiltdivajulie said…
I agree that the gifting part is enormously wonderful! What a happy little quilt!
Janet O. said…
Was the recipient nonplussed? Sorry, couldn't resist. : )
It is a very happy quilt!
Lori said…
I'm surprising a friend tonight with a quilt! It's what I'm looking forward to most!
Lori said…
PS, Isn't Janet the silly one? :)
AnnieO said…
Darling! I've wanted to make a plus quilt too.
Barbara Anne said…
How delightful and I love the happy colors! Lucky Mommy, lucky baby!

Janet O., as Fozzie Bear (a Muppet) used to say, "Bad joke, brain hurt!"

so cute and colorful....a lovely gift
Tanya said…
Beautiful little quilt with all those lovely solids! And hand-dyed! All those plusses make for a very positive quilt!