They're here and there in the quilting blogiverse, and now they're in my head and won't get out. This photo is from Google images. These are not my blocks.

My blog friend Nicole has succumbed and hers are gorgeous. It was looking at Nicole's blog that got me to Googling and oohing and aching.

They are Steam Punk blocks.

They involve templates. They are reputed to be fiddly. If I weren't so opposed to the word amazing, I'd use it here. Because I can't seem to get them outta my head.

I'm wondering when one of my local peeps is going to show up with them. I'd put even money on Bobbi or Pat as most likely to indulge. And I predict it is just a matter of time before dear Mrs. Goodneedle jumps in.

I have so many WISPs and so many other possibilities Pinned and just in my head. The pattern is not inexpensive and then there is the cost of the templates.

But are they not absolutely spectacular?

Trying to Be Strong, Near Philadelphia


Nicole said…
I started out with the idea of just making one, and five hours went by before I realized it. They are such fun to make and I simply can't stop!
Annemiek said…
Made one a while back before Jen Kingwell came up with Steampunk. Mine is with notting but dots. The pattern is rather easy to draw and it s the " propeller " pattern. Templates are cheap and easily made with sandpaper.
I have no suggestion/ solution for the lack of time :)
My first thought when I saw these was that it reminded me of the radioactive symbol. I won't be jumping on this wagon any time soon.
Quiltdivajulie said…
For me, this one falls easily in the admire but with no desire to acquire . . .
Barbara Anne said…
Love the look of these SteamPunk blocks but my UFO backlog and things I am committed to making have this block way, way on the back burner.

Now if they were Lays potato chips ...!

Kath said…
I was iinterested to see these blocks as my blog friend Karen at Faeries and Fibres, made this quilt last year (I think it was) and called it Lazy punk. She shows a short cut which you might find useful.
Hers certainly looked affective. Looking forward to seeing what you make.