Ninety Degrees in the Shade

Every January for the past several years, I've vowed that this is the year to get the UFOs finished up. And I diligently pull a few out and do some token stitching. And that's about it.

You prolly haven't noticed that I made no such promise this year. Instead, I've stacked up the flimsies and taken them, two at a time, to the machinist, to turn them into real quilts. Several have been done, and actually bound, so a new stack of finished quilts is forming.

Even though Ninety Degrees in the Shade is made entirely from Civil War repros, to me it has a modern look about it. The blocks are all the same, but the color placement makes them look like different blocks.

The name comes from my childhood, back before air-conditioning was in our homes. Come August, there'd be a sweltering scorcher of a day and without fail, my mother would proclaim, "It's ninety degrees in the shade." I never knew whether this was actual or an alternative fact, but it doesn't really matter, does it?

Today we had the weather and the time simultaneously to go out and photograph finished quilts. So that's what the next few posts will be.


AnnieO said…
Beautiful! Finished quilts have quite a different air about them--pride and joy, I think!
I'm glad you mentioned it was all the same block because I didn't catch that when I first looked at it. Even though I never use that kind of fabric, I love the look of this quilt. I have done the same thing with blocks before and think I need to revisit the idea. Thanks for tickling my brain.
Karla said…
You never fail to wow me. Another beauty. Ninety degrees in the shade with snow in the background is perfect!
Janet O. said…
Good for you, getting those tops into quilts! This does have a modern, bold, graphic look to it. The name makes me smile. I recall my Dad saying something like that.
Lovely quilt. Ninety Degrees in the Shade must be an old time saying because we always heard the adults say it when we were kids. It would make a good book title, or shop title wouldn't it?
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
WOW! This is a wonderful quilt and I had to enlarge the quilt photo to have a good look to see the blocks are all the same. Great fabrics and variety of color values in placement within the blocks! Well done on getting this former UFO finished and applause!!!

Yep, "90*F in the shade" is a common saying from my Southern childhood, too. Also "It's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk." describes a summer scorcher.

Synthia said…
Your quilt is a beauty!! I grew up in Iowa and "90* in the shade" was a common expression there as well. :-)
Carol said…
I love it! The colours and pattern are perfect. Your quilts are all lovely.
Quiltdivajulie said…
My mother said that, too! Lovely finish - I'm not one for CW reproduction fabrics, but I like this one!