Not the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A month ago I wrote about the quilt that was the result of a big group effort involving two pattern designers, a dozen quilt bee members, a clever machine quilter, and a ballet school director. You can read about it here.

Today was the ballet school director's tenth annual tea party to raise money for the Susan G. Komen organization. I learned that as of today, she has raised $300,000. The tea party was as much fun and as elegant as usual. A friend at my table asked, "You know these tea sandwiches -- the ones that are cucumber and cream cheese? That are so good? And so easy? WHY don't I ever make these at home for myself?" I didn't know. I have the same problem.

Everyone was buying raffle tickets and putting them in jars. I put most of mine into a jar for a spectacular vacuum cleaner valued at $779 (that someone else got to take home); a lot of people were interested inn the ballet quilt.

I was excited when Miss Jane pulled the winning ticket for the quilt and it turned out to belong to one of the school's students! Here's a picture of her -- the lovely young dancer on my right wearing the black sweater -- with me and her sister (in the pink sweater).

On the way home, I started thinking about next year's quilt. Tea party . . . yes, a tea party quilt!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Oh how entirely wonderful! I can just imagine how your mind is whirring to plan out next year's quilt.
Tanya said…
I can just imagine the girls' thrill! Lovely picture of you all! Lovely quilt!
Oh how perfect that a student won the quilt. It is gorgeous. She is thrilled!
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
Sounds like a wonderful experience--and must have been a very satisfying one, too (except for the vacuum that got away).
Had to laugh about the cucumber sandwiches. I have actually had that very same thought.
Barbara Anne said…
How marvelous that the sweet little ballet dancer on your right won this adorable and inspired ballet quilt at the tea party raffle!! You can be sure it will be cherished forever!

Love your idea about making a tea party quilt for next year. There is lots of time to find just the right fabrics and pattern. Sweet!

LizA. said…
What happy smiles. I'm sure this quilt will be well loved. What a good thing -- I love making quilts for such worthy causes.