Those Dratted Cats Again

Every few years, it seems, I have to blog about the primitive cats project, a BOM that I subscribed to and started in -- ahem -- 1999. If you have nothing else going on, you can read the previous posts by clicking "Primitive Cats" in the Labels section of the sidebar. Actually, I don't recommend it. Those posts contain a bit of whining and vowing and not a whole lot in the way of progress.

This photo is the completed quilt as planned by the designer. See those checkerboard lattices? They are pieced; they are not made from a checkerboard fabric. See that border -- it, too, is pieced. Ye gods. Do you see how detailed and intricate these blasted blocks are? Simplify, simplify, simplify!

It all came to the surface again about ten days ago, and this time it has stayed out! Five of the blocks are finished, or very nearly so. Keep in mind that I use a hand-buttonhole stitch for this kind of project. They take for ever. For blocks 5 and 6, all I have are the two patterns, not the fabric that should have come with them. I don't know why. And at this point it doesn't really matter. Another complication is that the individual blocks don't come with color images and this finished photo above is from a different provider than the one I used, so the colors I have aren't necessarily the same. You can see what I mean.

Here's where I am now. Still have those five just about done blocks. I decided that the thing to do was to put everything up on the wall, start making the backgrounds, bonding down the body parts and so forth, and make a list of the DMC that I'll need for the stitching. Blocks 8, 9, 10, and 12 have been pieced and bonded since the rediscovery. And block 8 was a deliberate variation; it was supposed to be a narrow-striped yellow cat and I thought there were too many yellow cats and not enough of other colored felines and enough stripes already. So I made that cat gray using fabric I had on hand. Block 11 is currently in progress. When that is up on the wall, I'm going to take the patterns for 5 and 6 and make a copy of each and using crayons color them the way I think they would look best and then take those coloring pages to the stash and, if necessary, to the local fabric store. Once those two are pieced and bonded, I'll go thread shopping.

We have some travel planned for later this year; ordinarily, I do not take handwork along on trips, but this time, I think I shall. But no catnip. No.

You know, I just might actually finish this someday!


Megan said…
I have the same project, also purchased as a block of the month from a quilt shop. Mine isn't finished - but do I have to believe that it was as long ago as 1999??? Yikes. I've made three or four blocks. I followed the instructions and made the pieced block backgrounds. Last time I pulled it out to do a bit more, I was very impressed with the accuracy of my work and a bit intimidated by the prospect of having to live up to that standard, so I put it all away again!

No plans to revisit it in the near future, but I will be interested to watch your progress. Perhaps I'll push mine towards the top of the UFO list.

Thanks for sharing.

Sydney, Australia
AnnieO said…
Well, as a nemesis they are cute anyway! Here's to your plan getting them closer to becoming a real quilt someday. :)
Hats off to you. I'm thinking I would have checked everything into the scrap bin (not the trash :) ) upon discovery of the missing fabrics for block 5 & 6!!
Nann said…
It's good to have long-term goals, isn't it? LOL. One thought: you could buy a black/brown checked print for the sashing rather than having to piece your own.
Good luck with your new resolution!
Janet O. said…
I applaud you for pulling this out and going to work. Looks like there is so much fiddly stuff involved in the original, your plan to simplify sounds good to me!
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, my goodness! Your wonderful applique cats UFO rivals my applique cottages quilt from a 199something Peacemaker's Calendar pattern. You're ahead of me in that all the cottage and scenery fabrics are still in boxes. Sigh!

Well done in making changes to the fabrics and patterns so this quilt pleases you and well done in getting back to it! Your cat quilt will be a marvel and will be one of a kind on the whole planet. Fabric waits until it's time comes. :)

I feel sorry for those who seem to feel like they are slaves to a kit and MUST get more of the exact fabric they mis-cut from the kit fabric and cannot use any non-kit fabric from any source. I know someone who actually threw away a quilt top she'd almost finished making from a kit for that very reason.

LizA. said…
I give you a lot of credit for sticking with this project. I think I would have given up on it by now.

Travel -- heading to Germany for the Luther500? We will be there for the June gathering. Heading to England and other stops first, then to Wittenburg.
The cats are cool, that's for sure. I think I would find the pattern tedious, which somehow would make the finish more gratifying.
xx. Carol