Spring Cleaning

Himself has been doing outside work during this time of isolation and last night he thought he would clean out the bird houses so they would be ready for new occupants in a few weeks. Out sparrows are not practicing social distancing.


Quiltdivajulie said…
DH has been trimming back plants that need spring pruning, applying spring fertilizers, etc. and dodging the falling tree feathers from our large oak trees. So many signs of growth and rebirth - encouraging in these times of stay at home.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
It's time! No, the birds aren't worried at all.
Barbara Anne said…
We should have done the same thing but our birds have already made nests for this year as we're further south than you are and we had virtually no winter.

Isn't it interesting what projects come to mind when there is an abundance of time available? DH took a look at my grandmother's mantel clock, thinking it would require a trip to a clock shop, but lo and behold, the instructions were stapled inside the hinged clock backing! All he had to so was clean some dust out and follow the winding instructions for the clock and the chimes. It's working perfectly now and when I close my eyes, I'm back in Grandma Hall's living room with her and the rest of the family. What joy!

Wishing y'all well.