Bee for May


My Guild has begun a Bee series and I am coordinating the Intermediate Group. Our first Queen has requested pink and magenta pineapples. I'd never pieced a pineapple block before, so I was delighted with this assignment. I did have to beg some additional scraps from friends because pink is not one of my regular colors.

Since it's so easy to make a major mess-up with paper-piecing, I started with three foundations instead of the two that were required. I figured that when the major mess-up occurred, I wouldn't want to go all the way back to the beginning again. Fortunately, I only had a minor mess-up. It was on the very last round and easily fixable. So our Queen is receiving three blocks from me rather than two. 

I really, really like how they look together and am eager to see Polly's finished quilt.


Janet O. said…
Pineapple blocks can be addictive once you get started on them. And though pink is not a color I use in great frequency, I have always loved magenta and think they look really good together!
Nann said…
Lovely pink pineapples, Nancy. I think the secret to piecing these blocks successfully is to trim and square up as you go. The mixed-bee idea sounds interesting.
Barbara Anne said…
Lovely pineapple blocks and I applaud your venture into the use of pink and magenta! I had only a little pink in my stash to start with but over these 30 years, the pink fabric stack has grown. Queen Polly will be so pleased!

Quayquilter said…
I love your fabrics - I'm sure the Queen will be pleased. I wonder if all the blocks turn out so well. I have belonged to a charity sewing bee for the last three years and it was hard to combine the different blocks apart from when I sent everyone background and feature fabric. My last request for bright modern fabric (I posted pictures to show what I meant) brought back one in ancient Thimbleberries type dingy navy and mustard. It's a pity when most make a real effort. I don't want to hurt the lady's feelings but it's not fair to the young recipient. I'm giving it a miss this year and sewing my charity quilts solo. Sorry to vent. Things look to open up here somewhat later in May here (UK). My son who is 43 will get his first jab mid May - they are working their way down the age groups and take up is very high so far. I
Hear America's programme is going well too. All good.