I don't always name my quilts (gosh, I'm sounding like "the most interesting man in the world"). But this one, I think, must be called Happy.

This flimsy was made out of scraps from a quilt I made for a wedding gift several years ago. I'd set the left-overs aside, knowing that someday they'd be made into a baby quilt. And apparently someday has come.

It will be quilted this summer, perhaps by hand or perhaps it will go to the machinist. It might even be tied. Don't know yet.

I don't have a recipient in mind, but I have a suspicion that someone might have a use for it. If I'm mistaken, I'll save it for the quilt drive my LQS holds each autumn to collect quilts for immigrants and refugees. 

I think there's still enough left-over fabric to piece a binding.


Anonymous said…
Maybe the wedding couple have a need for a baby quilt? Dotti in CT
Janet O. said…
It definitely made me happy to see this colorful creation this morning.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You didn't name it: "Happy" named itself! I love, love, love it! :)
Barbara Anne said…
What a delightfully colorful quilt and "Happy" is the perfect name for it. May its owner (whenever) have a happy life!

Anonymous said…
That is a great looking quilt. It makes me 'Happy' just looking at it. Thanks for sharing.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I used a lot of the leftover pieces of those stripes to make a binding - I just hope it is long enough for Mischief Maker! LOVE your happy quilt.
Millie said…
You could send that right up to me in New Hampshire and I would be honored to give it a happy home. I am happy just looking at it.

Helen said…
Good morning! Love “Happy”! So bright and cheery, for sure.

I had been in quite a quilting lull, but recently have been finishing up on some long-stored UFO’s.

Also, I was having blog woes but find I can blog on the iPad without some of the issues I was dealing with.

Enjoy your long weekend. I am thankful that we will get to be with family this weekend.