Sanctuary Village Quilts: Four Flimsies, One Quilt


Some weeks back, I posted about Sanctuary Village, a tiny house community that will arise in Northeast Philadelphia. It will serve homeless individuals who are at least sixty-five years old. The hope is that the tiny homes will be ready for occupancy by the time cold weather arrives in Philadelphia again.

I set a goal of providing a brand new quilt for each of the initial twelve residents. 

Some readers wrote that they would like to be part of this effort. I didn't respond at the time because there were many unanswered questions.

My friend Kathy, undeterred, sent this beautiful finished quilt. The very first quilt for Sanctuary Village.

At this point, I am happy to accept any help with this project. If you wish to donate a finished quilt or a flimsy, please email me and I will provide my mailing address. I am looking for quilts or flimsies that are approximately 68" by 86". A little bigger would be fine!

I have applied for a grant that will cover the backing, batting, and quilting of flimsies that I (or you) make or donate. My local machinist has offered me a very special rate for machine-quilting these quilts.

I have been busy, myself, making flimsies. Take a look:

Variations on Sister's Choice block made from a FQ pack I couldn't resist at Stash Fabrics.

Improved Nine Patch made from scraps. Hand pieced blocks, machine set.

I don't know where I saw the quilt that inspired this, but inspired I was. Made from mostly Australian Aboriginal fabrics with some Kaffe thrown in.

Another Improved Nine Patch (I personally call this block Elongated Nine Patch because I don't believe a nine-patch can be improved upon). Blocks hand-pieced, machine set.


Janet O. said…
What a great cause! I'll have to go through the few tops I have and see if any come close to the measurements you've requested. I don't have time right now to make something, but if I have something that meets the requirements, it will come your way. However, nothing I have will be as nice as the ones you have shared here. Sister's Choice and Improved 9-patch are two of my favorite classics. Your Aboriginal fabric creation is striking!
I'll let you know if I find something.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the quilts you've made for this wonderful and worthy cause!!

I don't often make quilts this size unless as a gift for a specific someone so none of my few UFOs or finished quilts are the right size. I've begun planning and cutting fabric so hope to have a top that's large enough ahead of the deadline.

Thanks for the opportunity to help and more thanks to those who will machine quilt these tops and do all that's required to finish them. Might there be a matching label on every quilt? Should the label leave room for the new owner's name so there is no upset or confusion? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Quiltdivajulie said…
None of the tops I make are quite that large . . . however, if I use the fabric planned for a scrappy back to make borders for Grassy Creek Geese, it could become that large. Will keep you posted!
Kelly L. said…
Do you still need quilts...i have a top made as well as the binding
Nann said…
I'd be happy to contribute to the project, Nancy.
Jan said…
What is a flimsy?

Great project—good on you!