The Reunion


This afternoon Joe and Lizzy and I went to visit her brother, Nugget, and his peeps, Katie and Steve. Their son was there as well as a pair of cute neighborhood girls. All wanted to see the reunion. 

Lizzy and Nugget were litter mates. At their first meet-up, back in December, she was terrified and wanted very little to do with him.

We were hopeful that the months and pounds would make a difference and that they would enjoy playing together. Nugget certainly agreed.

Alas, Lizzy, who is the smallest and most timid dog we've ever had, found big, bumbly Nugget overwhelming. When he offered her a Walnetto, she nearly hit him with her pocketbook.

Joe and I had a nice visit, though with Katie and Steve and Steve. We'll try the pups together again in another couple of months.


Barbara Anne said…
Wonderful photos! Hope little Lizzy will find her inner BIG DOG so she's comfortable with Nugget and his size. I've always wondered if litter mates retain a memory or odor connection with each other. Maybe not?

Quiltdivajulie said…
I'm with Lizzie - I would be a tad overwhelmed as well.