Burlington: Three

I wrote in an earlier post about liking very much the style of the hotel we stayed at in Williston, just outside of Burlington. Our room was very large and had a curtain that could separate the outer third from the rest of the room. That is where the bed and closet were. With the curtain drawn, the bed wasn't visible from the living room area that had a very comfortable sofa that could turn into a queen bed. There was lots of counter space and storage, and the kitchen featured a real refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a dishwasher. The shower was roomy. Everything about this hotel was to my liking (they also allow pets, for future reference). There were laundry facilities, a work-out room, and an indoor pool, none of which we needed to use.

We've been Holiday Inn people for many years because of their loyalty program, but I feel a change coming on after this particular stay.

This picture is of the art in the lobby. I liked it. The next one, too.

I've shopped at Waterwheel House Quilt Shop on line for a couple of years and have found it to be a wonderful source of contemporary fabric, so when I knew we were going to Vermont, I wanted to stop and visit it in person. We took a scenic route down from Burlington, passing the Vermont Country Store and Dakin Farms, though we didn't stop in at either one. And then we saw the sign for Waterwheel. It was everything I'd anticipated, and then some. They have only contemporary fabric and the biggest selection of Kaffe and Tula that I've ever seen. The proprietor is a lovely woman and I'm so glad we stopped.

The property had the most abundant and gorgeous lupines.


Janet O. said…
I like the sound of that hotel.
Love the lupines! I have made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to grow them in my yard.
How fun that you got to shop in person this time, and that it met your expectations.
Barbara Anne said…
What good information about the hotel and it does sound wonderful in every way.
Isn't it fun to visit shops you've ordered from on-line? I've had that experience with Hancock's of Paducah and at Animas Quilt shop in Durango, CO.
Love the lupines!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You need to go into marketing! I’m ready to go right now!!